Our Prayer List ...

Jerry Longo-11/27/20-Pray for my nephew Logan, he came down with cover last weekend.  Pray for my sister Angela and her family.  They have all been exposed to covid.

Bethany Schultz-11/24/20- Rick Beverly has asked me to share the prayer request below: From a high school friend about her husband.  Hey friend,  asking prayers tomorrow. Kirk's donor from Germany will be donating his stems cells.  They will freeze them, then fly them here for his transplant next week. He is a 25 year old male from Germany! Hope he doesn't pass that youth to Kirk.  The family that I asked to pray for, Kathy Barrett's husband is Kirk.  He will be admitted this coming Tuesday, starts chemo right away, 6 days of chemo then transplant on November 30.
They hope to have him home by Christmas, but no promises.  The James just called Kirk, they said the stem cells from the donor arrived on Friday, and there is more than enough!  Prayers and thanks to the donor and courier!  Please join me in praying for Kirk and Kathy Barrett,  Hugs, love and prayers.

Heather Clark-11/24/20- I have a friend whose dad is getting a pet scan tomorrow and it does not look like the best news.  Please pray for a  good outcome and strength.

Mike and Mary Beth Roos– 11/20/20
Please pray for Mike’s sister Tina Thiesan. Recent tests revealed a mass in her colon, and the family is awaiting results from the biopsy. Please pray with the family that the results will come back negative for cancer.

Wayne Hayes - 11/20/20
Please pray for Wayne as he is experiencing  some very serious back pain. Please pray for healing in his back so he does not have to endure back surgery.

Church Office- 11/19/20
Please pray for our church and all the government leaders as we navigate all the many areas of the covid pandemic where decisions need to be made  for our health and safety.
Women's Group - 11/18/20
Please pray for all the many prayer requests we had at last nights meeting.

Crystal Vines-11/13/20
Please pray I will find a job soon and be able to sleep at night.  I have insomnia and panic attacks every night.

Scott Winfield-11/8/20
Pray for a speedy and complete recovery for my brother Dave Manfreda as he recovers from a heart attack.

Heather Clark- 11/8/20
Please pray for strength and a stronger relationship with God for my husband and myself.

Debbie Bradley-11/1/20
Please pray for my  mom Carol Butts that she remains happy and comfortable  as she is having some new health issues. Unspoken request for Damon and I. God knows the need.