Our Prayer List

Christina Thokey - 9/10/20
Pray for Charlotte Thokey.  She is having pain on the ball of her left foot at the second toe.  X-ray showed the metatarsal bone is not getting blood supply and is dying in and flattening out and causing the pain.  She has been in a walking boot for a month with no relief or change.  They ordered an MRI for a further look to investigate what is causing this rare phenomenon and why her bone is not healing and regenerating it's own  growth.  Please pray we receive more answers and pray for knowledge for the doctors as of right now they know  very little.  Please also pray for healing of this bone to her 2nd toe on her left foot without surgical intervention.  I know God can heal it and God gives us the power and knowledge for our bodies to heal themselves.  So please pray for knowledge and healing of Charlotte's foot.

Chrissy Dempsey - 9/6/20
Update on Kevin's mom.  She is going for her 3rd. round  of chemo next Friday.  The first time she felt bad but got better more quickly.  This last time was worse.  Please pray that she continues to heal!  My aunt has also been diagnosed with throat cancer.  She is not doing well at all!! Please pray for her and my family.

Damon Bradley - 9/2/20
Please pray for healing for Damon. He’s been dealing with a lot of health issues for the last several weeks, and doctors are perplexed. Please pray that the issues can be properly diagnosed and treated as Damon is just getting ready to begin a new job.  

Eddie Canup - 9/2/20
For those of you who remember Eddie who used to attend Kettering Church, please keep him in your prayers.  He has serious underlying medical issues that make COVID-19 a major risk to his health. Because of this, he has been in isolation for money months, and he is feeling very lonely and depressed. Please pray that God will send him some people who will encourage him and lift him up during this time.

Bethany Shultz - 9/2/20
Pray for Kettering Church, that we demonstrate our mission to love others as Jesus loves! his love is unconditional, never ending, and always accepting of our flaws- Praise you Jesus!

Bethany Shultz - 9/1/20
Update on surgery.Our mother, Marcia, is out of surgery and hopefully the problem is resolved (removal of a section in the small bowel that wasn't healing properly).  She is in a bit of pain- please pray for comfort.  Also, pray for healing and Gods will to be done on earth as it is in heaven!  Our family thanks you kindly for your support and prayers.  Hugs and love.  

Update on surgery.
Our mother, Marcia is scheduled for surgery at 10:15 today. Prayers for her and the medical team completing the procedure. Thank you.

Bethany Shultz - 8/31/20
Please pray for our mother  Marcia.  She has been hospitalized since July 27, has had a bowel surgery, that was not successful, now looking at another surgery.  She has had a NG tube  down her nose this entire time.  Unable to eat and drink her coffee- which she misses! Pray for health, her spirit to be encouraged, and above all Gods will be done.  Pray that we do not have to go to a nursing home given the  COVID  hot spots and this is the last place we the family would like not to happen. Pray that we can support at home with in home supports.  Also, pray for our father, Ken, who is also not doing so good with his health and the separation of mom not being home.  Thank you.

Roger and Joy Walker- 8/31/20
Please pray for Roger and Joy as Joy's father, Richard, passed away recently.  Roger and Joy are experiencing significant , difficult circumstances resulting from Richard's death and they stand much in need of prayer from their church family.

Bethany Shultz - 8/30/20
I need prayer to walk through the storm of aging parents with significant health issues. That I can remain strong for them and to fully lean on our Father, trusting Him and follow in His plan and not what I think the plan should be.   Pray that I stay out of the way  and let Him do his will as He would in heaven here on earth.  Thank you.

Carolyn Purnhagen - 8/27/20
UPDATE on surgery
Surgery was cancelled until after I have seen a cardiologists.

Heather Clark- 8/19/20
Please pray for my family as my great grandma just passed away.