Our Prayer List ...

Bruce Abrams - 10/22/20
Please pray for Bruce as he was hospitalized yesterday with a very small blood clot in his lung. He has been evaluated and put on medication and is scheduled to be released from the hospital, but we encourage you to continue to pray for him as he battles this blood clot issue.

MaryBeth Roos - 10/6/2020
Please pray for Mary Beth and her family as they just found out that her grandfather passed away  today unexpectedly from a heart attack. Also, they received news that a close family friend who has been part of her parent's church since it was planted many years ago is in grave condition battling COVID, and she is not expected to survive.

Bethany Schultz - 10/6/2020 - Update 
Ryan came through his surgery just fine and is recovering at home. Praise God for a successful surgery, and please pray for a non-eventful recovery. 

Vince Calautti - 10/3/20
Urgent prayer request! Family friend has gotten an infection and is very sick. Temp is spiking. Please pray for healing.

Vince Calautti - 10/2/20
A friend of mine from high school just had her baby.  He is 7 weeks early and only weighs 2 lbs.  Please pray for him to be healthy and grow.  And pray for her and her husband during this time as well.

Jennifer Boyle - 10/1/20 (Update)
Jenny had a successful surgery to remove the tumor from her brain. Her sight has drastically improved, and she continues to recover. We are praising God for his protection and healing, and we ask you to join us praying for her continued recovery.

Debbie Bradley - 10/01/20
Pleas pray for Sydney as she is struggling with health issues and chronic migraines .
PRAISE!   Damon's health issues have resolved and his job is going great.

Deb Koerner - 10/01/20
Serious unspoken prayer. God knows the need.

Bethany Shultz - 09/30/20
Pray for our nation all the way down to the local elected officials.  I am asking specifically to join me in prayer for the Preble County Commissioners and the staff  in  their office, and the Auditor.  There is a negative, rude, and lack of respect spirit flowing through those offices.  I pray Gods  will to be done and all the negativity be put to rest and replaced with Gods kindness for all people.  I ask for prayer myself and my team a hedge of protection to surround our office and protect us from slander.  And that we stand boldly.  Pray for people with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities.   Bless them and keep watch over them always! Bring caring and loving people into their lives.   Pray for those that need new living environments to find just the right place!
Pray for our parents who are struggling with significant health challenges.  I am struggling to balance all the areas in my life.  Thank you for praying with me and for me as I will do the same for you.

Scott Winfield - 9/27/20
My brother Chris Winfield is recovering from surgery to repair hole in colon.