Our Prayer List

Chrissy Dempsey- 7/31/20
My mother-in-law is having her second brain surgery for her cancer today.  We learned that she has stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer.  Her oncologist believe that her cancer is treatable!  She will receive it once  every 3 weeks.  The oncologist said that this treatment is strong and she will experience side effects quickly.
Deb Koerner-7/31/20
Pray for  for our nation and our leaders in Ohio as a new surge of covid 19 is on the rise.   We don't seem to be making any head way on this frightening virus.
Sarah Murray-7/31/20
Pray for Joslyn as one of her friends from school was killed in a car accident.  She was only 13 and her father was driving and he survived .  Pray for some semblance of comfort and peace as time passes.  Also pray for my moms boyfriend Don who is in the ICU with congestive heart failure and respiratory distress.
Bethany Shultz-7/31/20
Continue praying for our nation  and for our leaders at all levels across the world, countries, states, cities, and townships during these difficult times.
Timothy Coder-8/4/20
Would you all pray for me and my friend April?  We both are struggling with people in our lives that are not the best for us or our faith.  I have a lot of experience with my faith, but  April has just started to know Jesus.  We live together but we are just good friends.  We need Jesus now more than ever.  I have no doubt that God will answer this prayer, so I am reaching out to make it so!