FOR THE MAMAS:  We've all been placed in this time and place in history, as the tribe of women who are raising the world. We know we mother better together, so all moms are welcome at MOPS (Mothers Of Preschoolers). From the time you are pregnant to when your kiddo is in kindergarten, our doors are open.

WHAT TO EXPECT:  A MOPS meeting includes practical teaching through speakers, demonstrations and videos. Plus, there's sometimes food... food you didn't have to make! But more important, you'll get to have honest conversations with other moms who understand the joys and frustrations of motherhood.

FOR THE LITTLES:  The MOPS Kids program is a preschool-style experience your kiddos will love. We are thrilled to announce that MOPS Kids is partnering with Awana International, the global leader in child discipleship.  Puggles® is a program to introduce young children to what they need to know most about God and His love.  The newest Awana early childhood curriculum was specifically adapted to fit the needs of MOPS Kids leaders to run a fun program that introduces Biblical truths to kids in a way that is simple and effective.  

WHEN WE MEET:  The 2020/2021 Season runs from September through May.  Our regular MOPS  Meeting sessions are still TBD, so please keep checking back for scheduling updates!  Sprinkled throughout the season will also be monthly playdates, the occasional (and ever popular) Mama's Night Outs, as well as other special get togethers and events.  Be sure to join our Facebook group here for all of the latest details!  
Registration is ongoing, and it's never too late in the season to join us.  Simply come to any Kettering Church MOPS Meeting to enroll, or you can self-register online at using our special 4 digit code:  HMDR

This is the year we arise as mothers to awaken a weary and sleeping world. The year to accept and believe that God will fulfill his promises to you, and to embrace your motherhood as a catalyst to his plans and promises for you.

Want to know more?  Drop us a note and we'll be in touch!